PressRoom Documentation

PressRoom global options

PressRoom Options Menu
Figure: PressRoom global options

Global PressRoom options can be found under the "PressRoom" item the in administration menu.


PressRoom Post Type Options
Figure: PressRoom post type settings

Allows to specify allowed post types. Posts and Pages are included by default. PressRoom also comes with two additional Custom Post Types, Ad Bundle and Custom HTML. Both allows you to include custom html contents to your "Issues". For more info see


PressRoom Logs
Figure: PressRoom logs

A built-in log system to keep track of your pressroom activities.


PressRoom Themes Page
Figure: PressRoom Themes Page

Here's where you can manage, discover and install themes. More info on themes


PressRoom Add-ons Page
Figure: PressRoom post type settings

Here's where you could manage, discover and install PressRoom Add-ons.

Add-ons specific settings

Some Add-ons may come with global settings pages you'll access under this same administration menu item.

iOS Exporter

The following settings appears in conjunction with the iOS Exporter

iOS Exporter settings

PressRoom Themes Page
Figure: PressRoom iOS Exporter settings
Tabbed group of settings for the iOS Exporter

Push Notification

PressRoom Push Notification
Figure: PressRoom Push Notification

A Push Notification system, needs the IOS Exporter Add-on and a Parse Api key.