PressRoom Documentation

Configuring an Issue

Create a new Issue under the 'Issues' admin menu item, then you'll proceed customizing the basic settings.

Configuring an Edition
Figure: PressRoom Edition edit page

  • Flatplan

    When you edit a post, page or allowed custom post type, you are able to select one or more Issue for the content item to be part of. You could even create new Issues from the same meta box. Items belonging to an Issue are listed in the Issue flatplan. Items in the flatplan can be visible or hidden. Hidden items will not be included in the final package. Items can also be dragged to change their final order.

  • Themes

    For each Issue you are able to define a custom theme. Under each theme you are able to define an unlimited number of template files. Next to each content item in the flatplan you could select which template file to use for that particular item.

  • Preview

    Inside the Issue edit page and Issues list view, you are able perform a complete web preview of the overall edition.

  • Publish

    Each Issue must be part of an Editorial Project in order to be published. When an Issue is ready you'll use the distribute button to package all the content items, media and template assets accordingly to the selected exporter.

For example in conjunction with the iOS Exporter it'll create a complete .hpub file. At the same time the related shelf.json gets updated on the parent Editorial Project endpoint. Free and paid Newsstand subscriptions can be created on iTunes Connect to support Newsstand Apps with free/paid content and automatic updates.