PressRoom Documentation

Introducing PressRoom

PressRoom turns WordPress into a multiple channel publishing platform. It is being developed around a vision for digital publishing that we see growing and struggling with the available technologies.

Figure: PressRoom for Wordpress

Everything in PressRoom is structured around the concept of Editorial Projects; they are containers for an unlimited number of Issues, which, in turn, are containers for any kind of content that you can already add and manage in WordPress.

An Issue can be exported at the same time to unlimited iOS Apps based on the Baker Framework and to the Web as standalone microsites.

PressRoom is the perfect tool to embrace a sub-compact publishing model, but you’re not restricted to any kind of content structure, since everything is being built to be flexible and highly customizable. Suitable for books, magazines, newspapers or just to manage your static websites and release your blog to multiple channels.

Version 1.2.3
published on 12 August 2015

While we constatly put our efforts in keeping this documentation updated some some of its parts or media may not reflect the latest version of the software. Please head over the offical doc repository for any documentation related issues or bug or pull request

Visit the PressRoom forum for any usage related questions or suggestion.